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MAK Hill provides a wide range of journals in the most recent and advanced research areas, with high-quality, peer-reviewed journals. We are connected with a broad community and professionals, experts from different regions with diverse professional backgrounds who unite together for sharing knowledge and challenge the ideas that shape their fields for better outcomes Discover MAK.

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Our publication records are read and followed by millions of scholars, and researchers worldwide and are considered valuable resources for research studies. Academics, professionals, and communities are endorsing our previous published records we are working to make them stronger and more authentic to make the publication impact stronger than before.
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MAK Hill publishes over 49 full open-access journals and has numerous subscriptions with well-renowned institutions. In the future, we will add more journals for publications on recent research subjects, as we don't support limited progress. Researchers can publish open access with MAK Hill across multiple impresses and in a wide variety of subject areas; from social science to neuroscience.MAK Hill strictly follows that open journals are part of a high-quality program of scrupulously reviewed, rapid-publication open-access journals. Published articles benefit from our editorial, production, and marketing expertise, and are available online immediately upon publication to anyone, anywhere, at any time.
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Author Services is available to guide you through every step of your research journey of publication from selecting a journal to what transpires after you get published. MAK Hill Pre-submission services include translation, English language editing, manuscript formatting, scientific editing, similarity check, and technical review. Securing time using our Researcher Services including the formation process to make you feel convinced your work meets the highest scholarly standards. Our resources are engaged to provide services with the best efforts to move you quickly from writing and preparing your manuscript for submission, to submitting and promoting your published work.

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As you are on the journey of your research career, taking on the role of an editor, editorial board member or peer reviewer gives you the opportunity to play an important role in setting and defining the position of your research community and get in the zone with the international research community.
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