Editor Instructions

Join the support team and work as MAK HILL’s Editor. Sustaining transparent methodology for getting the best output from our editors our editorial polices defined in detail for assuring the quality and contribution of world’s best professionals. 

Editor’s Role 
Your role is to buildup strong academic journal repute on behalf of journal profile. You are responsible for journals published content on final stage and you are also responsible to assure that content are as per the requirement of journal title and falling in specific area or field of selected journal for publishing. You have to note each and every point keenly and should be connected to core team of journal for ensuring quality of publication. Publishing team and you, both will be welcome for recommending any best suggestion based on your experience and expertise for boosting up the standard of MAK HILL. 

Responsibilities as Editor 
Your role as editor will be:

  • Participation in maintaining the quality of literature/content and to ensure the quality of manuscript to MAK HILL in ideal quantities that uses to maintain the publication schedule.
  • Make sure that selected manuscript having new and innovative impact and will help to endorse the research field additionally this may call for inviting articles or special issues.
  • Selection of editors is based on merit without biasness with your publishing contact.
  • Connect Editorial board on constant basis for constantly increasing progress of journal and keep it up to date by merit base evaluation and bringing advance modifications for making the journal prestige up to the mark.
  • Annual meetings of Editorial Board must be conducted and all participants shall be there to participate.
  • Strategic input is compulsory for the development of competent journals network of MAK HILL by maintaining regular reports for journal development possible developments and suggestions will be exchange and consider.
  • Plans for increasing journal revenue through advertisement, subscriptions, reprints opportunities and participation in conferences should be consider as it helps to increase the credibility and revenue for journal.
  • Promote journal as much as you can on reputed valuable platforms. 


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Supplementary Editors
Normally journals have multiple editors in the team in exceptional cases like:

  • It’s difficult for editor to deal with bulk submission or with number of articles
  • Broad scope of journal may be difficult for editor to handle

Multiple editors may connect with Editor(s)-in-Chief and Editorial team, and can be refereed as:

  • Editors 
  • Editorial Board Members 

If multiple editors working together paper can be divided between Editors on basis of specialties:

  • Geological source
  • Interest 
  • According to contribution Article/Review 

Every editor having unique and different role of execution as per requirement of journal you can get appropriate recommendation on it from our team. 

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