Instructions For Authors

Reporting Quality Standards:

Authors must assure that all provided facts, data and writing is real and accurate report of the work accomplish and the results heed by target converse of significance of the work. Paper should be in descriptive form of literature (writing in which the author's intent is to create a vivid image of what he/she is describing in the mind of the reader) and shall be agree to permit others to reproduce the work additionally be sure while reviewing the paper that objectivity, comprehensiveness and accuracy of paper is meeting the standards of quality publication. Purposely/intentionally inaccuracy or forged statements will account for unethical behavior and unacceptable.


Plagiarism and Originality:

Author should guarantee that written manuscript is original and understand copyright infringement in case any data collected from somewhere author should add note or need mention in reference and data must be cited correctly. Citation of work must be mention in proper method as per provided in guidelines. Plagiarism reflects in multiple ways e.g. passing off of another's ideas, words, or work as one's own.” It is a form of cheating and a violation of academic integrity, and is taken seriously by MAK HILL this practice is strictly prohibited. Plagiarism is toxic for authors overall research effort and refer to unethical behavior.


Access to Data and Reservations:

Authors are requested to submit raw data initially for editorial review. Authors should prepare for permitting access to their data to other professionals so they can get benefits from published research for at least 12 years after the publication. Confidentiality of authors will not be disrupted.


Duplicate, Multiple, ineffective or simultaneous Submission:

Generally same research cannot be publish twice or not prefer to be publishing again in any research magazine. So authors should avoid practice this for uphold the significance or their research work you are also recommended to do not submit same research on multiple publishers at same time. Single research publishing in multiple journals is unethical behavior where as some kinds of papers like clinical investigations, clinical guidelines, chemical formulation etc are exempted to some level of percentage for repentance of data and can use previous work as reference but its mandatory to mention it in paper or to point out the reference of previous published paper. Journals Editors and authors need to approve this before publication secondary publication must mention the reference.


Authorship of Manuscript Instructions

Everyone mention in author list of paper must participate in drafting of paper and should review paper before submitting to journal by using authors own intelligence, intellectual and professional level authors should try to submit the best manuscript. Real author must mention truthfully who wrote the paper rest of authors. Honorary or guest authorship is not acceptable. Gaining of funding and provision of technical services, patients, or materials, even as they may be important to the work, are not in themselves adequate contributions to justify authorship. One author should take main responsibility for the work as entire even if he/ she do not have an in-depth understanding of every part of the work. Primary author need to assure that all participants meet basic values for authorship and prepared a brief, written description of their assistance to the work, agreed by all authors. Authors should decide sequence of authorship together.


Revelation and Conflict of Interest:

Transparency and fairness are key elements of ethical research. By following ethical guidelines you can pass up damaging impacts on your publication authors should at very early stage of submission directed provide declaration in written form that complete and purposeful presentation, commissioning, peer review, editorial decision-making, or publication of research article submitted to MAK Hill. Authors and reviewers should mention all conflicts of interest related to the work under consideration to avoid the possible for bias.



Authors should acknowledge others work helps them in preparation of their research work they need to mention it properly. Confidential data collected through conversations, correspondence and discussions cannot be considered to be report without consent. Authors should avoid data obtained in the course of providing confidential services, such as refereeing paper or funding applications, unless they have obtained the open written consent of the author(s) of the work involved in services.



Authors are bound to contribute in peer review process for ensuring high quality publication and have to help fully by responding punctually to editors’ requirements for raw data, clarifications, and evidence of ethical endorsement, participant consents and copyright permissions. Initially authors need to respond reviewers immediately on remarks methodically, on every point keenly and should follow the time frame for revising of if request for re-submitting on provided timeline.


Fundamental Errors in Published Work:

For avoiding this element we already offered outstanding method to diminish fundamental errors by reviewing in depth again and again, paper on every phase of publication journey. Paper will be publishing after comprehensive review process and receiving consent from authors before online publication. If Author fined any error in published work need to report urgently to journals correspondent and notify to journals editor. For further guidelines and tracking published paper with error contact: www.makhillcomplaintcenter.